Please print and fill out the application below. You must apply in person.

Application for Employment

Today’s Date____________

Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

                First                                                   Middle                           Last

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

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Mailing Address (if different from above): __________________________________________________

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Social Security Number: ______________________

*All new employees will be run through the Government’s E-Verify program to confirm work authorization.

Are you a U.S. Citizen? YES NO

If “NO” are you eligible to work in the United States? YES NO

Are you 18 years or older? YES NO

(Eighteen is the minimum for working around equipment in the woods)

**It is very important that we are able to contact you quickly**

Home Phone: __________________________ email address _____________________________

Cell Phone: ____________________________ 

Work Phone: ___________________________ Message Phone: ________________________

Emergency Contacts: If your spouse or partner works for Oregon Woods, please indicate their name and provide at least one other emergency contact.

1. __________________________________________________________________________________

Name, Phone Number, Relationship

2. __________________________________________________________________________________

Name, Phone Number, Relationship

Position for which you are applying: _______________________

Date you are available to work: ___________________________


Name Location Graduated Emphasis
High School YES NO
College YES NO
Other YES NO

Are you currently enrolled in school? YES NO

If so, where: ______________________________________

Employment History:

Most Recent Employer:

Are You Currently Working for this Employer? YES NO May We Contact? YES NO

Company Name: ___________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Dates Employed: ______________ until ________________ Job Title: ____________________________

Duties: _______________________________________________________________________________

Supervisor____________________________ Wage: _________/hour

Reason for Leaving: ____________________________________________________________________

Previous Employment:

Company Name: ___________________________________ Phone: _____________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________________

Dates Employed: ______________ until ________________ Job Title: ____________________________

Duties: _______________________________________________________________________________

Supervisor____________________________ Wage: _________/hour

Reason for Leaving: ____________________________________________________________________

Military Service

Branch From To
Rank at Discharge Type of Discharge
If other than honorable, explain


Please list at least two professional references.


Name Phone Years Known Organization


Name Phone Years Known Organization

Job Related Skills:

Do not fill out any part of this section that you do not believe to be job related.

Please list the languages in which you are fluent: ____________________________________________

Are you interested in driving for us? YES NO

Please note our insurance company requires drivers to be at least 24 years old and there is an additional application process to be a fire line driver.

Do you have a valid driver’s license? YES NO State: _____ Number: _______________

Have you ever had a moving violation? YES NO

If yes, please describe___________________________________________________________________

Please list any other skills, licenses, or certificates that may be job related or that you feel would be of value to this job or company: ____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________


Conditions of Employment:

All employees work on an on-call basis. Oregon Woods is unable to guarantee ongoing work due to the unpredictable nature of wildfires and other contracts. All employees must individually assess the potential for wildfires and other work.

Grounds for Termination:

(Including, but are not limited to)

  • Any negative behavior or language that will reflect negatively on Oregon Woods or its employees.
  • Insubordination
  • Failure to comply with harassment laws and company standards
  • Drug or alcohol use on the job, or use off the job that impacts your ability to perform the job
  • Falsification of any information on application or other employment forms filed with Oregon Woods
  • Unsatisfactory work performance
  • No Show/ No Call or any repeated failure to fulfill work commitments

The company may ask you to take a drug test. Refusal to take the test or testing positive for drug use may be grounds for termination. Again, violation of the drug and alcohol free workplace provision of Oregon Woods’ government contracts may result in penalties against the crew and/or the company. If you violate this or any other contractual provision, you effectively deny yourself and others work for up to 3 years. Oregon Woods is an at-will company, meaning the company or the employee can terminate the employment relationship with or without cause or notice.

Special Notice to Wildland Firefighters:

The purpose of this notice is to provide specific information to you, as a wildland firefighter, about the terms and conditions of your employment. As a forest labor contractor, Oregon Woods is required to provide a written agreement regarding rates of pay and employment conditions.

As a member of a fire crew, failure to follow company policies and government direction may result in demobilization of you entire crew and penalties against the company. As a firefighter you are expected to uphold a high standard of appropriate behavior on the line, in camp, in transit and at the shop. The company has zero tolerance for any failure to comply with the following conditions of employment because the entire crew and company may be held accountable for you actions.

As a wildland firefighter you are part of an ICS system and are subject to direction by an Incident Commander, their agents, down to and including your immediate crew supervisor. You will be expected to adhere to all directives, standing orders and procedures given to you.

If you feel a directive is inappropriate for any reason you are expected to comply, unless it is unsafe to do so, and then address the issue with your crew boss who will follow the appropriate chain of command with your complaint.

While on a fire assignment, Oregon Woods will provide personal protective equipment including fire resistant nomex clothing, fire shelter, hard hat, gloves, goggles, headlamp and fire line packs. You are responsible for your personal gear, including boots (8” minimum high all leather uppers, lug soles), sleeping bag, tent, socks enough food and water for the first 24 hours of an assignment and all other personal gear. Expect to camp in either a state or federally run camp ground while on assignment. More of details will be covered as you complete training.

You must be capable of arduous physical activity. To verify this ability, you must undergo a Pack Test which consists of carrying a 45 pound pack three miles in less than 45 minutes.

As a first year, inexperienced firefighter working under the Region 6 2018 contract you will receive $10.75 an hour plus $4.41 an hour Health and Welfare fringe benefit.* Pay is based upon current and verifiable wildfire qualifications. Returning firefighters are provided detailed wage agreements prior to each fire season. We do not give bonuses. Draws based on wages worked may be advanced when on fire assignments. There is no labor dispute at this worksite. Again, due to the nature of wildland firefighting, we cannot guarantee work for any amount of time.

Please initial here if you are being hired as an experienced firefighter and have received a separate wage agreement __________


Have you been given a job description or has the requirements of the job explained to you?


Do you understand the job requirements?


Are you able to perform the essential physical and mental functions of the job as it as been described? YES NO

I certify that I have read the above information and that my answers provided on this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge.

If this application leads to employment, I understand that false or misleading information in my application or interview may result in my release.

This application acts as a written agreement regarding rates of pay and employment conditions.

_________________________________________________ __________________

Employee Signature Date

_________________________________________________ __________________

Company Representative Signature Date



The purpose of this notice is to comply with federal regulations governing the award of federal contracts with the US Forest Service and other federal agencies. This “Drug Free Workplace Statement” should be read in conjunction with the Company’s current drug and alcohol policy, if one has been adopted. This statement does not confer any additional rights, protection or due process entitlements to employees, and is in no way intended to limit the Company’s discretion or ability to discipline or sanction employees, up to and including termination, for alcohol and/or drug use or its effects on the job.

We believe that employees using controlled substances unlawfully in the work place in any manner is an unsafe work practice and creates and increases the risk of harm not only to themselves, but also to fellow employees and the general public. In order to carry out applicable safety regulations prohibiting an employee from being impaired on-the-job, and in order to insure we have a safe and drug-free work force, the Company declares the following:

It is the policy of the Company that the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensing, possession or use of a controlled substance is prohibited in our workplace. Employees unlawfully manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing or using a controlled substance in the work place or violating any policy contained in this notice will be subject to discipline up to and including termination of employment.

Employer Responsibility:

In order to insure that we remain a drug-free workplace, the Company has established an ongoing drug-free awareness program to inform employees about:

  • Dangers of drug use in the work place
  • The Company’s commitment to maintaining a drug-free workplace
  • The Company’s policy for maintaining a drug-free workplace
  • Where applicable, help in searching for available and appropriate drug counseling and rehabilitation assistance
  • The Company policy concerning penalties that may be imposed upon employees for drug abuse violations occurring in the work place.

Employee Responsibility

As a condition of continued employment with the Company, employees shall comply with the following:

  • Abide by the terms in this Drug-Free Workplace statement and related policies.
  • Notify the Company in writing of the employee’s conviction under a criminal drug statute for a violation occurring in the workplace no later than 5 calendar days after such conviction. Notice must include the employee’s current job condition with the Company at the time of the violation.

Employer Notification Requirements

Once notification required in two (2) above is given, the Company is required to:

  • Notify any appropriate Federal Contracting Office in writing within 10 calendar days after receiving notice from the employee or otherwise receiving actual notice of such conviction.
  • Within 30 days after receiving notice take one of the following actions with respect to any employee who is convicted of a drug abuse violation occurring at the workplace:
  • Take appropriate personnel actions, up to and including termination of employment


  • Require the employee to satisfactorily complete a drug abuse assistance rehabilitation program.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge I have received the Company’s Drug-Free Workplace statement in accordance with federal regulations and agree that this acknowledgement can be placed in my personnel file.

_____________________________________________________ _____________

Signature Date

Rights to Records

As a firefighter you are entitled to a copy of your complete work history. We will happily provide an initial copy of your complete record and seasonal updates for free. It is your responsibility to maintain these copies. Subsequent copies will be made for a fee.

I understand that the first copy of my firefighting records is free, subsequent copies will be billed at $0.25 per page and $25.00 per hour of staff time (One hour minimum.)

_______________________________________ __________

Signature Date


The purpose of this notice is to comply with state, local and insurance regulations governing the driving rules and requirements. This statement does not confer any additional rights, protection or due process entitlements to employees, and is in no way intended to limit the Company’s discretion or ability to discipline or sanction employees, up to and including termination, for abusing driving privileges or violating terms and conditions of driving company vehicles or transporting employees.

In order to seek and maintain driving privileges employees must:

have a current, valid driver's license for the state in which the employee performs his or her driving duties; and

maintain a clean driving record, i.e., must remain insurable under our company's liability insurance policy.

Any employee driving a Company vehicle or driving on Company business must observe all safety, traffic, and criminal laws of this state. No driver may consume alcohol or illegal drugs while driving a Company vehicle, while on Company business, while in a Company vehicle, or prior to the employee's shift if such consumption would result in a detectable amount of alcohol or illegal drugs being present in the employee's system while on duty. In addition, no driver may consume or use any substance, regardless of legality or prescription status, if by so doing, the driver's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and carry out other work-related duties would be impaired or diminished. No driver may pick up or transport non-employees while in a Company vehicle or on Company business, unless there is a work-related need to do so. Any illegal, dangerous, or other conduct while driving that would tend to place the lives or property of others at risk is prohibited.

Anything a driver does in connection with the operation of motor vehicles can affect that driver's fitness for duty or insurability as a driver. Regardless of fault, circumstance, on- or off-duty status, time, or place, any driver who receives a traffic citation from or is arrested by a law enforcement officer, or who is involved in any kind of accident while driving, must inform an appropriate supervisor about the incident immediately or as soon as possible thereafter. Any penalty, fine, imprisonment, fee, or other adverse action imposed by a court in connection with such an incident must be reported immediately to an appropriate supervisor. In both of the above situations, the matter will be reported to the Company's insurance carrier so that a prompt decision on continued coverage of the employee can be made. The driver involved in an accident or cited by a law enforcement official for violating a motor vehicle law must turn over any documentation relating to such incident as soon as possible to the employer, and must cooperate fully with the employer in verifying the information with other parties involved and with law enforcement authorities. While parking tickets will not affect a driver's insurability, any parking ticket issued on a vehicle that is being used for company business should be reported to an appropriate supervisor at the earliest possible opportunity.

Any employee who violates any part of this policy, or who becomes uninsurable as a driver, will be subject to reassignment and/or disciplinary action, up to and possibly including termination from employment. All employees with driving duties must sign the following agreement:

Employer Responsibility:

In order to insure that authorized drivers are qualified and maintaining safe driving habits we as a company will test our employees on their safe driving knowledge and defensive driving tactics. Before authorizing use of any company vehicles our employees must be pre-screened by our current insurance provider, and if in case of driving for Wildland Fire they must pass a background check performed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Driving courses occur on a two year basis and include but are not limited to:

Defensive Driving For Professionals

Coaching the Van Driver

In any employee fails to show adequate driving experience or is disallowed under our current insurance policies they will not be provided with driving privileges and may not operate any company vehicles, transport employees, perform any company related duties by use of a vehicle.

Employee Responsibility

The code of conduct for Oregon Woods, Inc. states that: “While driving company vehicles or own vehicles for work purposes, staff must comply with traffic legislation, be conscious of road safety and demonstrate safe driving and other good road safety habits”.

The following actions in company vehicles will be viewed as serious breaches of conduct and dismissal may be a consequence:

  • drinking or being under the influence of drugs while driving
  • use of a cell phone or mobile device while driving
  • driving while disqualified or not correctly licensed
  • reckless or dangerous driving causing death or injury
  • failing to stop after an accident
  • acquiring demerit points leading to suspension of licence
  • any actions that warrant the suspension of a licence.
  • ____________________________ _________________________________

    Signature Date