Spencer's Butte Summit Trail Construction

If you're an avid hiker or just enjoy the outdoors and getting above the fog and clouds you've probably been to the top of Spencer's Butte in Eugene, Oregon.

Offering two routes to the summit path and some of the most breath taking views of the valley, Spencer's Butte has been a popular destination for decades. It is open to people of all ages and leashed pets. You may find yourself scrambling over rocks and end up turned around as you near the summit - that's where we come in.

Oregon Woods, Inc. has worked on many trail projects since our establishment in 1992. From simple gravel paths at nearby destinations to remote trails spanning through protected natural habitats. Our trail construction work has been rewarded with commendations and awards and we pride ourselves in our trail building. Featuring a wonderful blend of rock, gravel and bridge construction that blurs the lines of natural and man made, we seek to create trails that invite hikers to enjoy the natural beauty of the areas we work in, while providing easily accessible routes that ensure safety.

Construction on Spencer's Butte began in mid March of this year and will not interfere with regular hiking traffic to the summit. The end result will be a beautiful, safe, path leading hikers to the summit of Spencer's Butte. This new route will ensure that hikers will be able to easily find their way up and down from the summit and can do so in a safe manner.

Stay tuned for photos and updates as we embark on this exciting venture!