Requirements for Employment through Oregon Woods, Inc.

Oregon Woods, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage women and minorities to seek positions within our company and do not ever discriminate based on gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or any personal beliefs. We demand respect throughout our company and have a zero tolerance policy towards any sort of discrimination.

Oregon Woods, Inc. provides work year round, however due to the nature of our business we cannot offer many positions during the fall and winter months. Please see our Careers page for useful links and documents to aid in the process of applying.

To first apply you must be eligible for work in the United States. We do not require employees to be licensed drivers but encourage those that are able to obtain a license to drive as it opens up many new opportunities within the company.

You must have an active telephone number, and a current official I.D. A state driving license or identification card is accepted, as are Passports.

You are encouraged to remain on call and able to work at any point during the summer if you are applying for work with our Wildland Fire program. If you will be unavailable for work we ask that you inform us of the specific dates and times and keep us updated on your availability.

Wildland firefighters should focus their efforts in two areas: physical and educational. Fitness is key. Firefighters are held to high fitness standards both during the hiring process as they have to pass an arduous physical fitness test — and throughout their careers. Cardio training like hiking and running — while carrying weight, if possible — will be especially useful, as it imitates wildfire working conditions. Much of the job occurs in the wilderness so basic outdoorsman and survival skills are useful.

If you are applying as a Wildland Fire Fighter you will be required to take a 40 hour course and pass all tests. This course will teach you about wildland fire fighting and the plethora of safety protocols that have been developed to protect you and your fellow crew members from harm. This course will include a field day, during which you will implement the tools that have been taught to you and you will get a feel for actual fire fighting.

For physical item requirements specific to Wildland Fire Fighting please see our Special Notice To Wildland Fire Fighters.

You may email us or call our office at any point to update you information or request yourself to be marked as unavailable for work.