Special Notice to Wildland Firefighters:

The purpose of this notice is to provide specific information to you, as a wildland firefighter, about the terms and conditions of your employment. As a forest labor contractor, Oregon Woods is required to provide a written agreement regarding rates of pay and employment conditions.

As a member of a fire crew, failure to follow company policies and government direction may result in demobilization of you entire crew and penalties against the company. As a firefighter you are expected to uphold a high standard of appropriate behavior on the line, in camp, in transit and at the shop. The company has zero tolerance for any failure to comply with the following conditions of employment because the entire crew and company may be held accountable for you actions.

As a wildland firefighter you are part of an ICS system and are subject to direction by an Incident Commander, their agents, down to and including your immediate crew supervisor. You will be expected to adhere to all directives, standing orders and procedures given to you.

If you feel a directive is inappropriate for any reason you are expected to comply, unless it is unsafe to do so, and then address the issue with your crew boss who will follow the appropriate chain of command with your complaint.

While on a fire assignment, Oregon Woods will provide personal protective equipment including fire resistant nomex clothing, fire shelter, hard hat, gloves, goggles, headlamp and fire line packs. You are responsible for your personal gear, including boots (8” minimum high all leather uppers, lug soles), sleeping bag, tent, socks, enough food and water for the first 24 hours of an assignment and all other personal gear. Expect to camp in either a state or federally run camp ground while on assignment. More of details will be covered as you complete training.

You must be capable of arduous physical activity. To verify this ability, you must undergo a Pack Test which consists of carrying a 45 pound pack three miles in less than 45 minutes.

As a first year, inexperienced firefighter working under the Region 6 2018 contract you will receive $10.35 an hour plus $4.27 an hour Health and Welfare fringe benefit. Pay is based upon current and verifiable wildfire qualifications. Returning firefighters are provided detailed wage agreements prior to each fire season. Draws based on wages worked may be advanced when on fire assignments. There is no labor dispute at this worksite. Again, due to the nature of wildland firefighting, we cannot guarantee work for any amount of time.