Oregon Woods had a contract starting in 1997 to plant trees in Western Oregon solely for the purpose of sequestering carbon from the earth’s atmosphere to mitigate the excessive amount of carbon that is responsible for the earth’s climate crisis. Oregon Woods had the responsibility to plant and get these seedlings to the state of “free to grow”, which generally took about three years in the ground. During the remainder of the 65 year term these trees will sequester approximately 125 to 150 tons of carbon per acre.

As the photos will show our baby trees are now about 21 years old and are growing aggressively in the many sites that we planted.

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We continue to look for more property owners that seek to afforest lands that otherwise are not sequestering much carbon because they are currently in old abandoned pasture lands or otherwise have not had forests on them for many years/generations.We say the lands that we seek “Would not sequester much carbon BUT FOR this effort to afforest”. 

Call us if you have knowledge of such lands.