Oregon Woods, Inc. is a Wildland Fire, Forest Restoration and Construction contracting company.

Wildland Fire

We are fully licensed and meet all NWCG Standards for Wildland Fire Fighting and offer the following experienced and qualified  wildland services:

  • 20 person Type 2 Wildland Fire Crews
  • Type 6 Wildland Fire Engines
  • Chipper for Wildfire Use

Our company also provides a wide variety of services related to fire and forest management including defensible space service (tree trimming, brushing, piling) and prescription burns for private and public groups.


Our Restoration program is managed by experienced  personel with extensive knowledge of native vegetation. We provide services such as

  • Invasive Species Removal
  • Brushing and Thinning
  • Native Tree Planting
  • Native Species Planting
  • Watering and Habitat Maintenance


We also specialize in trail construction, construction and covered bridge repair and restoration. Our construction crews are talented, hard working individuals with a wide variety of skill sets.  We feel that Oregon Woods, Inc. has built a niche in construction contracting through dedication, quality of work and performance.

For years OWI has specialized in rehab and repair of covered bridges throughout Oregon.


We are happy to have made it safely through another wildfire season! As our folks take some well-deserved RnR, responses to emails, calls, and applications may be delayed through February 2022.

11/12/19 Interview with ReforestNation about the planting of trees as carbon sequesters