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Q. Do I need previous experience to work as a fire fighter?

A. No. We offer introductory training course for Wildland Fire Fighting and are happy to receive new applications - regardless of work experience.

Q. How long does a fire fighting season last?

A. A typical fire season begins in late June and can last into September. We can never guarantee work, however, so please be prepared for any outcome.

Q. I've heard that you do projects during the winter, how can I apply for that?

A. The nature of our work at Oregon Woods does imply a slow winter season. We typically offer projects to our more senior employees, however you are always able to let the office staff know that you would like to remain available for any upcoming projects.

Q. I have construction or restoration experience, do I follow the same process to apply for work?

A. Yes and No. While the application process is the same the interview process will be different. We have separate managers for Restoration, Construction, and Wildland Fire.

Q. Do I have to apply in person?

A. You are welcome to download and fill out our application from our website, but we do require that you apply in person so that we may meet you and schedule an interview.

Q. Is there anything that would bar me from working with your company?

A. No. As long as you are 18+ and able to work in the United States we will always consider you for employment.

Q. How much does training cost?

A. Basic Wildland Fire training typically costs $250-$350 but Oregon Woods, Inc. offers it to applicants for free.

Q. I worked for another company in the past, can I get hired at Oregon Woods?

A. Yes - you will have to notify your previous employer and request your fire records. The office manager can help you with this.

Q. Do you pay for my boots?

A. No. Oregon Woods, Inc. pays for Personal Protective Equipment that is only used on the job site. As your boots are taken with you when you leave the work site and travel home, they are considered personally owned equipment.

Q. How old do I have to be to drive for the company?

A. You must be at least 24, able to drive a manual transmission, and in your second year (at least) of employment at Oregon Woods, Inc.

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