Record verification is required for all employees who’s positions require additional training beyond RT-130 that will operate under the Region 6 VIPR agreements. 

Oregon Woods, Inc. has been dedicated to accurate and thorough records under the Region 6 VIPR agreement and is proud to have available a fully qualified record inspector under the FACT MOU for Inspection providers. Helen Kalamas, as a representative of Oregon Woods, Inc. and a member of the Oregon Firefighting Contractor's Association, provides record inspections at low cost to OFCA members, as well as companies and individuals outside of OFCA.  OFCA provides wildland fire training, instructor verification, database for  incident qualification cards and tracking training records and record verification.

To learn more about the Oregon Firefighting Contractor's Association, please visit their website: www.ofca.co

To request inspection of records please use the following form for each individual record and contact Helen Kalamas via email.

Checklist for Requirements
Fillable Verification Form


List of Accepted Training Providers


Electronic File Inspections: $10.00
Hard copy Inspections:       $15.00

For more complicated or extraneous inspections that require additional time and resources we charge $25.00

Most record inspections can be sent electronically. If you have any questions we are happy to answer them and work with your company to have your inspections completed in an efficient and timely manner. 

Response time is within 48 hours and return of verified records will depend on the amount of records sent and manner in which they are delivered.